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Public Wi-Fi

Mumbai City Wi-Fi

  • State government wanted to setup public Wi-Fi hotspots for Mumbai residents
  • Become first major city in India to offer free Wi-Fi across the city
  • Provide seamless user experience, security and compliance for public access
  • Monetize the infrastructure by offering advertisements, government announcements, etc
  • Indio deployed WiOS OSS/BSS and NMS solution for managing entire network
  • Complete setup was done in MTNL data center and security audits were conducted
  • SMS/OTP two-factor authentication was implemented and user logs were maintained for one year
  • Over 2000 access points were monitored and ensured 99% uptime was maintained
  • Average of 100,000 people accessed the network daily
  • Over 45 TB of data was accessed by users in a week
  • Wi-Fi access was boon to poor neighbourhoods who were connected to Internet for first time
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Konnect Africa

  • Sub-Saharan Africa is in dire need of Internet connectivity
  • The Internet infrastructure is very poor and hard to build because of challening geography
  • People were demanding Internet access for ecommerce, education and communication
  • Limited Internet backhaul options were available
  • Indio with Eutelsat built a unique product to use satellite backhaul for Wi-Fi hotspots
  • Integrated satellite modem and Wi-Fi access point in single, outdoor enclosure
  • Plug-n-Play setup so the units could be deployed by any technician in the field
  • Setup customized OSS/BSS and NMS solution in the Eutelsat's data center
  • Integrated local storage to serve cached content to end users
  • Implemented full billing and monetization platform for partners to generate revenue
  • Solution deployed for Wi-Fi hotspots in DR Congo, Ivory Coast, Nigeria and other countries
  • Some of the poorest regions of Africa connected to the Internet
  • Over 15 partners registered and are generating revenue from Wi-Fi access
  • Daily over 50,000 users are access Internet through satellite Wi-Fi hotspots
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Fiber@Home, Bangladesh

  • Bangladesh government decided to implement rural Wi-Fi hotspots across the country
  • Setting up community Wi-Fi hotspots in poor, under-served regions
  • Needed affrodable, reliable and simple solution to implement Wi-Fi hotspots
  • Needed mobile app and integration with local payment gateway
  • Built custom solution for implementing low-cost Wi-Fi hotspots
  • Integrated with local SMS and payment gateways
  • Built a mobile-app in local language for simplifying user experience
  • Setup centralized OSS/BSS solution for managing remote Wi-Fi hotspots
  • Over 1500 hotspots were deployed across Bangladesh in one year
  • Over 500,000 people used the Wi-Fi service in a month
  • Operator started earning revenues from the Internet access to make the project financially viable
  • Remote parts of Bangladesh were connected to Internet thus helping the country's economy
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