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WiFi hotspot and monetization solution for retail stores, shops and shopping malls.

Wireless Hotspot Monetization

WiFi Marketing Requirements

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Revenue Realization

WiFi Services need to help business generate additional revenue by offering freemium (free+paid) service. Customers should be provided an option to pay online for premium WiFi service while getting basic service for free. WiFi hotspot monetization can increase revenue and business growth.

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Customer Engagement

Venues need to use WiFi service to attract customers and keep them loyal to their brand. Businesses also use free WiFi access to engage with their customers through online marketing, social media and promotions.

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Customer Insights & Trends

Venues need to gather a lot of market intelligence, customer analytics and current trends to fine tune their sales and marketing activities. WiFi can provide insights into consumer behavior and their preferences without invading their privacy.

Indio Monetization Solution

WiFi Advertisement

  • Integrate image and video advertisement in customer onboarding experience.
  • Create targetted advertisement campaigns based on venues, customer profiles and dates
  • Integrate with third party advertisement systems

Context Aware Messaging

  • Push advertisements and promotions to customers based on location.
  • Collect customer contact information to run email or SMS marketing campaigns.
  • Use proximity marketing to affect consumer buying patterns.

Venue Branding

  • Create venue branded rich captive portals for customer onboarding.
  • Offer multiple login methods for customers to validate their identity during login.
  • WiFi Login Pages personalise the connect users have with the brand and helps drive better customer experience.

Social Media Engagement

  • Provide WiFi access using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram login credentials.
  • Solicitate Facebook Likes, Checkin to drive more customers to your venues.
  • Engage with Social Media users by promoting events, promotions and offers.

Smart Surveys

  • Encourage WiFi users to fill surveys and offer instant feedback.
  • Improve customer ratings on third-party applications like TripAdvisor, TrustPilot, etc.

Customer Insights

  • Understand customer profiles, web search trends, venue traffic through intelligent analytics without compromising user's privacy.
  • Leverage data driven insights to improve customer experience, optimise your offerings and drive higher sales and revenue.
Insights and Trends

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