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We, at Indio Networks, formerly Wifi-soft, help facilitate unforgettable digital experiences through resilient networking solutions.

With over two decades of experience, we have worked closely in the wireless space essentially serving over 25+ million users till date. At Indio, we have seen disruptions in the tech sphere and worked alongside them. We solve problems where we see them, we evolve, innovate and adapt. That's why, we constantly craft newer products and solutions to make your life easier. 'Simplifying connectivity' is a principle we hold dear, and we plan on bringing it to everyone, everywhere. With a strong presence in over three important geographies, being Asia, the Middle East and America, we are always available for quick and responsive customer support.

Our Values


We build passionately, for the people.


We create and maintain respectful and inclusive relationships.


We believe in the power of ideas.


We remain firmly committed to create better lives for everyone with us.


We pursue excellence, nothing less.

Why Choose Our Services?

Reliable, Effective & Technically Advanced Products!

Indio Networks has been built on engineering excellence crafted through unstinting dedication to quality, innovation and a constant objective to serve the global market.

Quality Assured

Following the quality of product and service has helped us gain trust of many clients

Total Peace of Mind

Our state of art products and 24/7 support ensures satisfaction of partners and customers

Highly Professional Staff

We have Industry Veterans and a team of highly skilled engineering and support staff

Value Innovation

Our relentless efforts on thought leadership and value innovation provides value through your journey with us and beyond.

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