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Corporate Offices


  • Wanted to setup campus WiFi for employees and visitors
  • Offer WiFi on buses for employees during commuting
  • Needed to enforce multiple security layers to protect sensitive data
  • Verify employees against active directory before allowing access to corporate WiFi
  • Installed Unibox controller for employee and guest WiFi access
  • Captive portal was built and integrated with local active directory service
  • Employee usage was tracked and recorded for compliance with corporate rules
  • 4G WiFi router was installed on the buses to provide seamless connectivity while commuting
  • Employees started working on the shuttle buses thus increasing their productivity
  • Corporate WiFi network was fully managed centrally and monitor on regular basis
  • 30% improvement is employee satisfaction
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  • Leading coworking space companies with 55+ centers and 25000 seats
  • Offer lightning-fast Internet service to its customers over Aruba network
  • Needed reliable and scalable authentication, provisioning and NMS
  • Integration with LDAP service and intelligent bandwidth management
  • Deployed wireless NAC controller for handling user authentication and provisioning
  • Integrated NAC with enterprise LDAP/AD service for authenticating users
  • Central policy management to ensure consistent rules and restrictions
  • Tracking of bandwidth consumption, user activity and network endpoints
  • Entire network across 55 offices was brought under single console management
  • IT administrator had consistent, unified view of network activity
  • Reduced network outages and downtime significantly
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Income Tax Department, Mumbai

  • Wanted to setup WiFi for its employees and visitors
  • Challenging building structure with thick walls and lot of furniture
  • Needed WiFi coverage in all cabins with minimum 5 Mbps per device
  • Helped MTNL to implement come WiFi setup in thick concerte buildings
  • Deployed UniMax high-power, high-performance access points
  • Multi-layer security enforced for each employee and guest devices
  • Network uptime improved dramatically within first month of operation
  • Ensured 100% coverage within the building
  • Provided dashboard of network and bandwidth usage from central console
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