Airports Wifi Solutions

Honolulu International Airport
  • Busiest airport in Hawaii wanted to offer reliable and secure WiFi access to passengers
  • Wanted to monetize WiFi by providing online payment
  • Needed 24x7 support for guest to resolve problems
  • Need complete managed solution that integrated with existing infrastructure
  • Setup customized, mobile friendly captive portal for HP controllers
  • Monitoring of over 500 access points for outages and issues
  • Setup cloud-based hotspot manager with payment integration with Authorize.Net
  • Setup 24x7 call center for handling customer issues and resolving them
  • Generated over $300,000 revenues each month from WiFi operations
  • Maintained uptime of 99.9% for WiFi infrastructure
  • Handled over 50,000 passengers per day
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Hamburg International Airport
  • Hamburg airport is second largest airport in Germany serving 17 million passengers each year
  • Wanted to setup reliable and free WiFi services for all passengers for limited time
  • Wanted to ensure limited speed to each passenger to allocate bandwidth fairly
  • Installed WiFiLAN Manager and integrated it with Mikrotik and Cisco APs
  • Setup simple click-through portal page with terms and conditions
  • Setup speed restrictions for each device and implemented fair bandwidth allocation
  • Blocked users from accessing unwanted websites
  • WiFi service was used by over 100,000 users daily
  • Significant increase in customer satisfaction rating
  • WiFi service was also used by airport staff and contractors for official use
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Cancun International Airport
  • Cancun airport is second busiest airport in Mexico and cater to lot of Western tourists
  • Airport wanted to offer both free and paid WiFi access to passengers
  • Needed 24x7 support for guest to resolve problems
  • Wanted to setup voucher and online payment processing through local payment gateway – Prosa
  • Wifisoft deployed UniBox controller for manage complete WiFi infrastructure of 300 access points
  • Customized captive portal and integrated it with Prosa payment system for online billing
  • Setup bandwidth control policies to ensure bandwidth was evenly distributed
  • Setup Tier-3 helpdesk for troubleshooting technical issues
  • WiFi services at the airport was instant hit among the young travellers
  • Over 5 million users used the service in the first year
  • Generated over 5 million Peso from the WiFi service
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