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  • Prime Minister WiFi Access Network Interface abbreviated as PM-WANI is a government initiative which aims to bring large scale deployment of WiFi hotspots through the country.
  • It aims to unleash a massive WiFi network and expedite the proliferation of broadband internet services to provide the last mile connectivity.
  • WiFi hotspots at several grocery stores, local shops, cafés and any such public places across the country can be set up.
  • There will be no license fee or registration fee for it and businesses can take services from any ISP and use their physical location to provide WiFi.

Working of the scheme

Girl in a jacket
Girl in a jacket

PM-WANI Benefits


  • Additional Revenue
  • Attract Customer
  • Promote Venue
  • Branding/Advertising
  • Customer Delight


  • Additional Business model
  • Build Scalable WiFi Businesses
  • Enable Roaming to Seperate Additional Revenue

For WiFi Users

  • Connect Anywhere
  • Easy WiFi Access
  • Cheaper than 4G
  • Simple payment options

PM-WANI Architecture

App Screenshots

Indio PM-WANI Solutions

  • Low-cost WiFi Hotspot AP
  • Indoor Outdoor Option
  • Good Coverage
  • Supports 40-50 users
  • Made in India
  • Highly Reliable AAA Server
  • C-DOT Registry Integration
  • User Management
  • Policy Bandwidth Management
  • Powerful Analytics & Report
PDOA Software
  • Fully Integrated Billing System
  • Custom Plans
  • Good Coverage
  • Voucher System
  • Multiple Payments
Mobile APP

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