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Rural Connectivity

Rural Connectivity Challenges

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Deployment & Maintenance

Rural connectivity solutions should be very easy to deploy, manage and maintain. Lack of trained resources, hard accessibility, poor infrastructure and challenging environment makes rural deployment extremely difficult and expensive to deploy and managed.

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The cost of deploying and operating rural connectivity should be kept low to make these project financially viable. The connectivity solution should be able to reduce both capex and opex costs to ensure success of such projects.

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Robust & Secure

The equipment needs to be extremely robust to withstand harsh weather and operating conditions. Moreover, the networks should be rsecure so user's data and privacy is not compromised.

Indio Rural WiFi Solution

Rugged WiFi Access Points

  • Long Range, High Performance Outdoor Access Points with rugged, IP67 enclosure.
  • Comes with integrated hotspot functions, captive portal support, bandwidth management and central management.

Hotspot Cloud Manager

  • State-of-the-art hotspot manager that provide full management capabilites of WiFi hotspots.
  • Integrated billing and monetization functions to generate revenue from rural hotspots.

Backhaul Solutions

  • Multiple backhaul options like Satellite, 4G, Fiber, Broadband and Fixed Wireless.
  • Lightweight, wireless mesh networks for extending backhaul to remote rural areas

Local Cache Storage

  • NAS storage for storing videos and contents locally within the WiFi network for fast downloading.
  • Centrally manage remote NAS devices to offer fully managed CMS solution for rural WiFi networks.

AP Controller and NMS

  • Centrally monitor network health, AP status and user activities from single dashboard.
  • Fully plug-n-play deployment with advanced analytics to reduce the cost of deployment and maintenance.

POE Solutions

  • Indio Networks that take care of all your requirements at affordable and reasonable costs.
  • Plug and Play setup with auto configuration for easy deployment of all network hardware on-site. Get your network up and running in under 20 minutes.
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