Network DevOps

Building new-age networks to leverage the power of Cloud, AI and Microservices.

IT Challenges

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Breakdown Silos

  • Encourage collaboration and communication.
  • Share tools across IT infrastructure.
  • Remove silos between team members

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Reduce Manual Intervention

  • Apply automation scripts to reduce errors.
  • Easily deploy configuration across multiple devices.

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Network Automation

  • Automate network management, configuration and testing
  • Reduce human error
  • Faster network initiation and complete application visibility

Indio DevOps Solution

Network Automation

  • Reuse of good automation scripts to increase accuracy.
  • Reduce typos and copy-paste errors
  • Improve task completion accuracy

Leverage Best Practices

  • Deploy tools like github, Ansible to handle configuration management.
  • Use version control, pre-production test environments to track and test changes.
  • Manage reusability for complex tasks.

Proactive Monitoring

  • Deploy tools to monitor the health of network elements.
  • Quick and proactive fault detection and alerts.

Machine Learning

  • Deploy AI/ML algorithms to evaluate root cause of network faults.
  • Generate analytics and recommendations based on past datasets.

Software Defined Networking

  • Deploy Software Defined Networking (SDN) to make networks programmable.
  • Enable network teams to collaborate with DevOps teams.
Insights and Trends

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