We are absolutely Tech Savvy and Fun Loving Team

Highly Skilled Industry Veterans, Engineers and Specialists

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Rishi Ghare

Chief Executive Officer

Rishi Ghare bring over 24+ years of rich and diverse industry experience in which he has worked in multiple disciplines ranging from product development, engineering, client engagements, strategy and business development.

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Sohail Ahmad

Chief Technology Officer

Sohail brings 16+ years of leading edge research and development experience in wireless, security and networking and leads product research and development, technical strategy and technical marketing at Indio Networks.

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Murray Freeman


Murray Freeman brings 40 years of industry experience in which he has worked in chip design, computer design and applications engineering for industry pioneers like Mostek and Cypress Semiconductor based in Brussels.

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Sales (India)

Santosh is responsible for sales of Indio products for Indian subcontinent and Middle East.

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Sales (Africa & Asia)

Umesh handles sales and business development for whole of Africa and Asian countries.

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Finance Lead

Manjusha handles all the finance and audit related activities for Indio networks.

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Technical Manager

Nitin leads cloud development team and product management for Indio. He has led the development of Indio's popular products like UniBox Next Generation, WiOS and customer deployment projects.

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Technical Architect

Nilesh likes to dabble with technology and is official geek of Indio Networks. Responsible for internal architecture, system programming and anything that needs programming and design.

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QA Lead

Pramod is responsible for maintaining quality of Indio products and ensuring that latest quality improvement processes are followed within the organization.