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Transportation Wifi Solution


  • MSRTC decided to offer WiFi entertainment to its passengers
  • Wanted to setup WiFi-based streaming of movies, TV shows, videos and music
  • System had to be installed in over 15,000 buses across the state in 15 depots
  • Monetize the entire operation through advertisements and promotions
  • Wifisoft designed and built custom WiFi appliance for streaming HD video
  • Integrated the solution with content delivery system
  • Deployed the solution in 15,000 buses within 8 months
  • Provided the full operational support and helped generate revenue from advertisements
  • Within 6 months, the monthly viewership increased to million users
  • The project received lot of media coverage and innovation awards
  • Passengers consumed over 1 million video content each month
  • Operation was cash-flow positive within one year
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Delhi Metro

  • Largest metro network in India covering 250 stations and serving 1.8 passengers each year
  • Wanted to offer free WiFi service on the metro stations for limited time
  • Handle load of 25,000 concurrent users with zero downtime
  • Solution for monetizating through ads, surveys, promotions and marketing
  • Deployed UniBox and WiFiLAN solution for managing the entire WiFi infrastructure
  • Handled traffic from over 1000 access points and served over 1 million users daily
  • Implemented WiFi security and regulatory compliance
  • Highly secure and failsafe architecture to provide 99.9% uptime to the commuters
  • System handled 1 million login session dailys
  • Over 5 million registered users
  • Project received lot of media coverage and accolades from government and authorities
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Texas Department of Transportation

  • TxDoT wanted to improve safety on Texas highways
  • Setup WiFi hotspots in rest areas for traveller and truck drivers
  • Rest areas located in remote areas with no access to cable Internet
  • Fully managed and reliable service with management reports and analytics
  • Implemented WiFi hotspots in 50 rest areas
  • Satellite broadband or 4G LTE used for connectivity in all remote sites
  • Entire setup centrally managed, configured and monitored
  • Daily reports were compiled and sent to TxDot officials for analysis and reporting
  • Project operating successfully on Texas highways for last 10 years
  • Over 1 million travellers use the service each year
  • Accident rates reduced on highways since WiFi was installed
  • Rest areas usage improved and project received great reviews online
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