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Top 5 Enterprise Use Cases of 5G

The future of connectivity is already here. With 5G, networks are not just faster, but more reliable and able to deliver transmissions closer to the edge of communications satellites. Enterprises are gradually preparing for the upcoming 5G era. One of the key considerations should be to identify suitable use cases to understand how 5G will change their business models, teams, and partners. Let’s understand the top enterprise use cases of 5G which has brought a new light to business opportunities.

While there are several differences between WiFi 6 and 5G, these differences are mostly standard differences between cellular and WiFi technologies as a whole. In fact, WiFi 6 and 5G are so similar and complimenting technologies that experts suggest organizations shouldn’t consider the two technologies against each other but instead discover ways for WiFi 6 and 5G to work together.

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1. IoT Communications –

5G has exponentially higher bandwidth than previous generations of cellular, which means that many devices can connect to the network. As carriers first focus on voice and data for average people, enterprises that need to take advantage of 5G’s “network slicing” and “edge computing” are setting up private networks in order to meet their needs sooner.

2. Video –

Even though video conferencing already works on current 4G networks, it often leaves much to be desired. 5G is widely expected to be the catalyst that finally delivers remote collaboration where it’s almost impossible to tell the difference between telecommuting and being there in person. Any significant reduction in travel costs equals a meaningful ROI for organizations.

3. Automation and Controls –

Faster, cheaper, and more reliable 5G networks will have a big impact on industry. It’s likely to change how robots are controlled, help avoid long delays in manufacturing, and improve warehousing by cutting cables. The savings that come with industrial digitalization with 5G will add up to increased revenue.

4. High-performance Edge Analytics –

Experts say that 5G networks could be the next big industrial revolution. The network allows for real-time data collection, analysis, and other things not possible before. 5G’s ability to collect data, analyze it in real time, and act on it make it the perfect platform for the next industrial revolution.

5. Location Tracking –

5G will improve how precise our location is tracked. This new technology requires cell phone towers to be set up closer, which means a more accurate triangulation technique. The higher speed and latency will allow for real-time tracking, which will have the potential for applications in fleet management, warehouse efficiency, public safety, autonomous vehicles, and much more.

5G benefits for business:

The existence of the 5th generation of wireless networks provides a major opportunity with which businesses can be innovative, create new products and services, and change how they go about serving their customers. 5G is a new technological development. This new technology helps companies to be more innovative.

Here are some of the direct benefits 5G offers to businesses –

  • Increases overall business productivity
  • Transform customer experience
  • Connect anything and everything
  • Create new business opportunities

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