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The importance of PM-WANI India’s first large scale public Wi-Fi initiative

About PM-WANI:

Prime Minister WiFi Access Network Interface abbreviated as “PM-WANI” is an Indian government initiative which aims to bring large scale deployment of WiFi hotspots throughout the country. WiFi hotspots at stores, local shops, cafés and many such public places across the country can be set up.

There will be no licence fee or registration fee for it and businesses can take services from any ISP and use their physical location to provide WiFi.

The PM-WANI framework is a digital communication infrastructure that will take forward the goal of National Digital Communications Policy, focused on creating a robust digital communications infrastructure.

The PM-WANI framework consists of –

  • Public Data Office (PDO)
  • Public Data Office Aggregator (PDOA)
  • App provider with Central Registry


Potential Benefits:

  • New wave of internet users
  • Enabler for digital India
  • Bridging the digital divide
  • Increased economic activities resulting in increased GDP
  • Low-cost alternative


Importance of PM-WANI (India’s first large scale public Wi-Fi initiative):

“To facilitate ease of doing business and encourage local shops and small establishments to become Wi-Fi providers, under PM-WANI it has been approved that the last-mile Public Wi-Fi providers require no license, no registration and will not need to pay any fees to DoT.”

Also, PDOAs, who aggregate the last-mile providers will also not require any license. These PDOAs will only have to register, for which no fees are charged.

PM-WANI framework will also encourage App Providers who offer services for registering and authenticating users.

It is expected that with Public Wi-Fi Broadband, the user experience and quality of service for broadband will be improved significantly. This service will be especially useful in rural areas where Public Wi-Fi Hotspots are also being created. Proliferation of Public Wi-Fi Hotspots will lead to increased employment for small and micro entrepreneurs, and provide them with an additional source of income. The telecom and internet service providers will also benefit due to the sale of bandwidth to PDOs.


Indio Networks complete suite of PM-WANI compliant solution:

Our end-to-end PM-WANI solution to boost your business –

PM-WANI Access Points –

  • Low-cost, WiFi hotspot Indoor and Outdoor access points.
  • Fully designed and manufactured in India.
  • Blazing speeds and excellent coverage.

PDOA Software –

  • Highly reliable AAA RADIUS server.
  • Integrated with C-DOT Registry.
  • Allows management and monitoring of all the WiFi hotspots and users from a single, intuitive dashboard.

Mobile APP –

  • Wave App by Indio, a Fully PM-WANI compliant app.
  • Custom branding and advertisements.
  • User-friendly and intuitive UI to help users navigate and discover WANI compliant hotspots.

PDOA Billing System –

  • Our All-in-one Hotspot Management Software has an integrated Wi-Fi Monetization and Billing platform that helps you reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) while generating ROI.
  • It has custom plans and multiple payment gateways.


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