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Smart Pole, a Case Study

Organization Overview

The organization wanted to implement a Smart Pole solution at a bustling, urbanised area in the northern region of India. The deployment was the part of a government effort to develop and deliver digital experiences to everyday citizens.

Problem Statement

Deliver seamless, easy and reliable access to the internet over WiFi in an outdoor setting.


For this specific deployment, the key challenges were:

  1. Implementing a WiFi solution which is able to tackle high density environments
  2. Ensuring a smooth WiFi experience with high concurrency
  3. High Availability requirement
  4. Outdoor deployment mandated terrain sustainable hardware

Solution Architecting

The organization went with our 510-AC Outdoor Access Point range, because of our market-proven track record of supplying best-in-breed wireless infrastructure and controller solutions. The Access Point has the following technical specifications:

  1. Dual Band— 2.4GHz and 5GHz.
  2. 2×2:2 MIMO
  3. 1200 MBps
  4. 120+ concurrent user handling
  5. Cutting-edge Qualcomm chipset


The deployment is used by hundreds of users throughout the entire day. It has enabled seamless internet connectivity for people from all sections of society. We are proud to be the part of an effort to develop the country and take steps towards enabling pervasive connectivity for the people.

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