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How smart street lighting will help develop smarter cities

A smart street light uses technology, such as cameras, sensors, and lights to introduce added functionalities. It’s called an adaptive lighting system or intelligent streetlight system. This type of lighting is recognized as a significant step in the development of smart cities.

Smart street lights help to keep people safe and allow them to drive safely at night. These lamps have features such as power scheduling, auto-dimming, sensor lighting etc. This makes them an eco-friendly option for any town or city looking to reduce their energy costs by a huge margin.

The Indian government is starting an initiative to build 100 smart cities, and the lighting industry will be critical to ensuring sustainability. It’s also working on a program called “UJALA” that aims to replace conventional streetlights in India with LEDs in order to reduce energy consumption and slow down global warming. The ROI from this huge step will certainly pave the way for the introduction of a more intelligent public lighting system.

How smart streetlights work?

A smart or also called as connected lighting system is part of a decentralised network with a local intelligence. It is connected to the internet and to a central data and management platform in the cloud. It is equipped with various sensors, integrated devices and cameras to respond to its environment dynamically and interactively. When implemented on standard streetlights, these devices can detect movement that enables dynamic lighting and dimming to take place. Additional capabilities may require additional technology, such as image sensors, seismometers, speakers, weather, WiFi hotspots and water detection sensors.

Smart streetlights, once installed, offer software that can be used by cities to monitor and manage the technology. The software can also collect data from the streetlights – such as its brightness level – that adjusts things like how long it remains on during the night and a lot more.

Use cases

In addition to reduction in energy and maintenance cost, the smart streetlight solution has many other use cases, some of them are listed below –

  • Traffic Pattern – Video analysis of traffic
  • Advertising Signage – Collect advertising revenue
  • Crime Investigations – Gunshot triangulation
  • IP Cameras – Video analysis of incident areas
  • Parking – Monitor parking violations
  • Air and Water Quality – Monitor air, chemical, and pollen pollution
  • Safety Announcements – Audio warnings for storms and other imminent dangers
  • EV charging points – Standalone charging points for Electric vehicles
  • Public WiFi – WiFi hotspots


Indio Smart Street Light solution

Indio Networks has developed the most advance Smart Street Light solution built using SigFox technology. The solutions can transform the way municipalities manage cities, while delivering enormous savings.

Solution Features

  • Built on SigFox LPWAN Technology
  • Scheduled dimming
  • Remote control
  • Scheduled light controls
  • Energy monitoring
  • Live dashboard
  • Retrofit embedded design
  • Motion sensing
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