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How We Are Helping Bangladesh Grow

Jan 12, 2021

Learn about how we are helping the country of Bangladesh to grow with Public WiFi, and how it has enabled opportunities for the development of its people.

MAC Randomization White Paper

Jan 25, 2021

MAC Randomization has the potential to disrupt the wireless industry. But what is it, really? Read our whitepaper to know all you need to about it.


Dec 25, 2020

The Government of India has announced a move which will liberate the WiFi connectivity sector in India. Take a look at what it is, and how it can help us improve the economy.


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When you are looking for a WIFI Solution and want hassle free Products and services, then WIFI SOFT is the answer. They are smart, professional, very responsive to their clients and easy to work with. Our company is working with WIFI Soft Products and till date there has been no complaint for any reason in the support of WIFI SOFT Team, they are always available, remotely or on premises, whenever we need them. Thank you for great product and great support.

Sayaji - Client of Indio Networks

Manjit Singh, IT Manager Corporate, Sayaji Group